Our Story


Since their inaugural year in 1982, the group has consisted of senior boys and senior girls who have great loyalty and love for Klein High School. One of the sponsors, Leslie Vela, has been the Standleader sponsor the entire time. Co-sponsor, Misty Kroon joined our ranks when Alicia Eichhorn became an AP. Casey Muhs, co-sponsor with Misty Kroon for the last several years, has gotten married and moved to Austin. Her enthusiasm for KHS will be sorely missed. Cassie Dugue has volunteered to help us for the upcoming year(s).

Ms. Eichhorn had stepped in for D. C. Marlar who replaced the retired Tony Guillot. Our fun-loving group has grown from the original 16 volunteers to the current 54 highly-coveted positions. They have also evolved into one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the district. If you or someone you know was ever a member of the KHS Standleaders, we'd love to hear from you. Please send a note to lvela@kleinisd.net. Be sure to mention when you graduated and what you are doing now.